We offer plumbing and gas repairs for commercial and residential customers throughout Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puke and Tauranga

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/ what we do

Mount Maunganui Plumbing and Gas are here to assist with all of your plumbing and gas repair requirements in Tauranga.

Do you have any of the following plumbing and gas issues that need attention?

* Leaking, noisy or over flowing pipes? 

* Blocked toilets? 

* Taps dripping?

* Damaged down pipes and spouting?

* Low pressure water causing issues?

* Hot water cylinders needing repair or replacement? 

* Waste pipes over flowing?

* Burst water mains?

We can fix it all!

Call our Mt Maunganui based plumbing and gas-fitting team to get prompt help and repair. Don't stress, we got this!

Some of our recent work

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24/7 support for regular customers.
We are WINZ Accredited.
All tradesman are qualified and certified with
up to date licenses.
Members of Master Plumbers & Gas-fitters.
Warranty for all work and all products supplied by
Mount Maunganui Plumbing and Gas.
We use only the highest quality materials
from our trusted suppliers and access to a wide range of
products on the market.
FREE QUOTES at NO obligation.
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We offer great Plumbing & Gas Fitting rates in Papamoa, Mount and Tauranga

Plumbing - $75 per hour - excl. GST
Minimum charge 1 hour
Charged in 15 min increments thereafter
Gas fitting - $80 per hour - excl. GST
Minimum charge 1 hour
Charged in 15 min increments thereafter
Travel flat rate - From $20* - excl. GST

WE ARE WINZ Accredited.
Check out our great Discounts below:
$20 Mount Maunganui / Papamoa*
$25 Te Puke,  Tauranga
$30 Te Puna,  Paengaroa
$35 Pukehina, Omokoroa
$50 Wider Bay of Plenty

Get 10% off * For RSA Card holders

We recognise our RSA members for their service.
*On presentation of your current RSA membership card we offer 10% discount off the Labour rate.
- Not in conjunction with any other offers.

Get 10% off * Super Gold card holders

*On presentation of your Super Gold card we offer 10% discount off the Labour rate.
- Not in conjunction with any other offers.


Our Satisfied Plumbing Clients

"For the past six years, Shaw Builders Ltd have had the pleasure of working with our Mount Maunganui plumber Chris Clark. Shaw Builders Ltd is a construction company that is involved in the construction of multi million dollar projects. These projects are very complex and on average a two-year build. We have found Chris Clark to be very reliable and professional in his trade. Chris is always available when we need an on-site meeting, or phone call. Chris has worked on many of our large projects and we very much recommend Chris to future clients, and also intend to continue to support Chris in his new business venture."

David Shaw
Shaw Builders

"It is always a pleasure to have Chris undertake work for us.  He has done large and small jobs, some of which have meant many hours under the house.  We very much appreciate his sense of humour and his 'get on with it' attitude especially when the job is ‘not nice’.  We look forward to continuing to use Mount Maunganui Plumbing & Gas."

Maryann Washer

"we renovated our whole ensuite from top to bottom. Chris was great to deal with every step of the way. I would highly recommend them"

Bill Tanner
/ Frequently Asked questions

Here are some of the answers to questions people often ask us

What should the temperature of my hot water be?

Your hot water cylinder should be set to a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius.
If your house is fitted with a tempering valve this will deliver hot water at 55 degrees Celsius to your house.
If you have elderly, young children or people with disabilities the temperature should be adjusted to 45 degrees Celsius to prevent burns.

How can I tell if I have a Gas leak?

The first signs of a gas leak is a pungent smell similar to rotten eggs. This may be noticed either in a drawer or cupboard underneath a gas hob or in your hot water cylinder cupboard or around your gas fire place or any gas appliance in the house.
Secondly you may notice a high gas usage.
If you suspect you may have a Gas leak of any description - call Mount Maunganui Plumbing and Gas immediately to inspect and repair.

Natural Gas or LPG?

Which option is better suited for me?
Natural gas provides a reliable and continuous supply of gas for the whole house, this is installed from a main supply in your street and can be connected to your house.
LPG is supplied from a bottle which requires replacement once empty. This is more suitable if you are rural property or a property with no gas mains supplied to your street, or for a single appliance usage.

What steps to take if you have a water main burst?

Turn OFF the water main immediately. This will be situated at the front boundary of your house, normally in a blue toby box for newer homes / older property's this could be in a round metal toby box again at the front boundary of the house.
Turn OFF the water to your Hot water cylinder to prevent the water draining out through the burst water main.
Turn OFF the power to your Hot water cylinder. This will prevent the element burning out if your cylinder drains.
Ring Mount Maunganui Plumbing & Gas immediately.

What should I do if I have sewage overflowing from my gully dish?

This indicates you have a blocked drain which could be one of two things. The gully trap could be blocked or worse case your drain is blocked further down the pipe.
Ensure children and animals are keep away from this area.
Call Mount Maunganui Plumbing and Gas immediately for repairs.